Conservation Action Planning Workshop

27, 28, and 29 August 2008

PieterBarendsen Opens Workshop with Message from Minister Wever Dr. Barendsen of WildAruba opens workshop with a very supportive message from Minister Wever
Dr. Lacy from IUCN CBSG Dr. Robert Lacy of the IUCN CBSG discusses the workshop process with delegates
Dr. Onnie Beyers from IUCN CBSG Dr. Onnie Beyers presents a history of CBSG and what they do.
Delegates discuss ideas Delegates discuss vision for Aruba's nature
Discussing Ideas Ideas --- Where everything starts
Vision Ideas are posted and grouped Ideas are assembled and grouped to develop a vision for nature
Patrica Portier, DLVV Patricia Portier, WildAruba Symposium Committee, discusses new and relevant information presented at the two-day forum.
Theo Oords, DIP Theo Oord presents the ROP land plan under development for Aruba.
Byron Boekhoudt Byron Boekhoudt discusses efforts underway to preserve Aruba's Nature
Anolis porcatus Curacao herpetologist, G. van Buurt, discovers a newly identified introduced species, Anolis porcatus, from Cuba at the workshop!  A day later, the brown anole was also discovered.
Delegates presentations Delegates present working group findings
Points are debated Probing questions are asked by delegates
Working group presentations Delegates present working group findings
Facundo Franken, DLVV Delegates continue to discuss issues during rest times.
Species Working Group The species planning group discusses goals and actions. 
Delegate presentation Delegate presents working groups results in plenary
Working group Working group proudly shows off results
Dr. Bob Lacy Dr. Lacy of the IUCN CBSG discusses final results
Prioritizing The many goals  are prioritized by all the delegates together. 
Clean environment group A special bond forms between working group members
The press covers WildAruba The press covers WildAruba
WildAruba Logistics Team WildAruba Logistics Team members work quietly in the back of the room to make sure everything runs smoothly.
DIP Maps Delegate discusses distribution of the native vesper mouse
WildAruba Delegates The WildAruba Delegates: Giving Our Wildlife a Voice