Symposium Photographs

Minister Lee Minister Lee Opens WildAruba Symposium (25 August)
Attendees Listen and Discuss Presentations Attendees listen to talks and ask questions
Orlando Quandt Moderates Symposium (25 August)
Dr. Bekker on Mammals Dr. Jan Piet Bekker Discusses the Mammals of Aruba (25 August)
Reinert - Cascabel Dr. Howard Reinert presents on the ecology and conservation of the cascabel
Gerard van Buurt discusses introduced species, and potential problems and impact on Aruba's native species
Billie Harrison Discuses whistling frog Billie Harrison discusses the introduced Eleutherodactylus johnstonei
Answering Questions Howard Reinert answers questions about the introduced boa constrictor
Senator Lee Senator Lee carefully listens to issues about our wildlife
Craig Berg, Wilwaukee County Zoo Craig Berg discusses the dispersal of Johnstone's whistling frog in the Caribbean
Kees Nooren Kees Nooren discusses the impact that people have had on Aruba's flora
Merrill Robles Merrill Robles talks about the current state of native flora
Jefet M. Nassar Jafet Nassar presents results of studies of the obligate mutualistic relationship of cacti and nectar eating bats.
Dr. Buschar Dr. Lauretta Bushar presented the results of a study of lizards densities on the baranca.

R. Andrew Odum, Toledo Zoological Society

Andy Odum presents an overview of the amphibians and reptiles of Aruba.
William Lutterschmidt Bill Lutterschmidt discusses the findings of the boa reproductive study.
Delegates on Day 2 The delegates are heavily involved in symposium on the second day
Robert Reed, USGS Robert Reed of the USGS discusses control of introduced snakes.
Giolina Henriquez Giolina Henriquez from AMMF talks about marine mammals of Aruba
Delegate becomes aquainted with Boa Delegates attend a "night walk" and examined the introduced boa
Senator Rudy Lampe Senator Rudy Lampe with Henry de Cuba  discuss presentations
Jerry van Dalen Jerry van Dalen calls for action to save marine environs and wildlife
Tortugaruba Richard van der Wal talks about the successful Turtugaruba program that has helped save Aruba's sea turtles.
Fernando Simal Fernando Simal discusses the process used to create and manage Bonaire's  National Park system and how their successes could be applied in Aruba.
`Jimmy Myer of ARIKOK Jimmy Myer from Arikok presents the history and future of Aruba's natural parks