Partners for WildAruba






The WildAruba Team

(Underlined names are chairs or co-chairs)


Congress Executive Organization Committee

Responsible for overall coordination of entire Congress program


Pieter Barendsen, Byron Boekhoudt, Gisbert Boekhoudt, Ambrosio Curiel, Facundo Franken, Andy Odum, Castro Perez, Patricia Portier, Melissa de Veer, and Theo Wools.


Administrative Support Team

Dissemination of information, budget/fund dispersal, and contract reviews


Melissa de Veer, Willy Illis, and Theo Wools


Symposium Program Committee

Develop presenter lists and invitations

Create agenda and edit proceedings


Byron Boekhoudt, Bill Lutterschmidt, Andy Odum, Patricia Portier

and Howard Reinert.


Workshop Coordination Committee

Develop Invitee list for action plan workshop

Coordinate editing of Five-Year Action Plan


Gisbert Boekhoudt, Facundo Franken, Robert Kock, Melissa de Veer, Theo Oord,

Andy Odum, Richard van der Wal, and Theo Wools.


Logistic Committee

Meeting space, hotel coordination, events coordination


Roy Croes, Castro Perez, Melissa de Veer and Theo Wools.


Public relations, education and development

Provides advertising, PR, and coordinates education programs


Dilma Arends, Jose Daņe, Andy Odum (education), Castro Perez, Olinda Rasmijn (education), and Nathalie Wolff


Other people that have contributed as part of the team of WildAruba


Edith van der Wal

Jimmy Myer

Dr. Ava Thode

Diego Marquez

Egbert Boerstra

Tilo Damian