Arikok and Sam Houston State University Perform Cascabel Physiology Project  2010


Examining a Cascabel During Physiology Research Project 2010

       Jeff Goessling, a graduate student from Sam Houston State University, under the advisement of Dr. William Lutterschmidt, spent the past summer at Arikok National Park studying the relationship between invasive boas, native Aruba Island rattlesnakes, and the Aruban whiptail lizard.  Specifically, Goessling’s main research objective was to determine the energy budget of these snakes in the wild.  The implication of this research is to investigate energy acquisition and how both boas and cascabels may potential partition resources.   We also had the opportunity to collect data on environmental and snake body temperatures with relation to temperature dependent lizard activity.  These data will help contribute to the long-term research efforts of Andy Odum and Howard Reinert including their recent research efforts on the boa.  Mr. Goessling stay on the island allowed for communication to several popular media releases, including local news, radio, and newspaper.  

Laboratory at Arikok

Jeff Goessling in the laboratory at Arikok National Park